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We have prepared a special offer of meals for delivery. Delivery and package is included in the price.

3000280/130Fried pork cutlet stuffed with ham and cheese with american potato4,29 €
3001280/130Fried chicken fillet stuffed with ham and blue cheese with american potato4,29 €
3002280/130Chicken breast stuffed with dried tomato and spinach with mashed potatoes4,29 €
3006250/100Spicy pork with bacon, sausage, fresh tomatoes and pepper with rice and French fries4,29 €

We offer you the possibility to order the delivery of our daily menu.
When ordering the daily menu number 1-4 is its price 3,89 €. This price includes packaging and delivery.
When ordering the daily menu number 5 is added 0,25 € per container of soup and 0,40 € for a pizza box.
When ordering the daily menu number 6-8 is added 0,25 € per container of soup and 0,33 € per container main meal.

Delivery is free of charge.

When you order our pizza, the pizza price is charged 0,40 € for pizza box.
Pizza box is charged also for the free pizza in special offer 1+1=3.
Delivery is free of charge also if you order only one pizza.

All meals and pizzas we try to deliver at a time interval of 60 minutes. However, sometimes it is not possible to observe this interval, especially at the time of lunch or the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances, such as dense urban traffic, bad weather, etc.. In such cases, there may be a delay for which we apologize.

You can make your order on the phone number 0917 501 501
Pizza offer

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